BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry MVS) gives employees the freedom to work virtually anywhere by mobilizing the office phone system
to provide a seamless voice experience and cost efficient business calls
anywhere in the world, even on congested networks.

Users benefit from features including single number reach, internal
extension lookup and dialling, and a single unified voice mailbox, enabling them to be more accessible and responsive to customers and colleagues.

BlackBerry MVS supports BlackBerry OS7+, and a range of telecommunication platforms such as Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Nortel and Siemens.

Single number identity

One corporate phone number and a consistent caller ID help users manage business calls outside the office with fewer missed calls.

Businesses have the ability to enforce a single number for their employees’ office and mobile numbers on corporate-owned BlackBerry smartphones,
and retain that number even when an employee leaves the organization. 

Extension dialling

All calls made using BlackBerry MVS are routed through the organizational phone system, providing the capability to make extension calls to anyone in the organizational address book.

Users access desk phone features with an intuitive menu that displays call options on the BlackBerry smartphone as they become available. They can then move calls to a desk phone or to another number, swap between calls, enjoy integrated voice mail and more.

Voice over Wi-Fi calling

Calls can be made over Wi-Fi® at work, at home or in Wi-Fi hotspots to address cost, coverage and communication needs.

The ability for calls to be moved between Wi-Fi and mobile networks helps ensure call continuity and the most cost effective call routing, whether in the office, at home or on the move.

End-to-end high availability

High availability minimizes downtime for users by ensuring that
BlackBerry MVS operates at optimal levels and active calls remain uninterrupted. BlackBerry MVS, in conjunction with an SIP gateway,
supports IP PBX failover capability to provide an end-to-end high
availability solution.

BlackBerry MVS is designed in a redundant configuration, so a
standby server automatically takes over if the active server fails.

Operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning capabilities

Monitoring capabilities proactively identify issues and alert administrators of outages, failure conditions and recovery. Troubleshooting tools help to easily diagnose and resolve call issues.