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Supply chain solutions

Transportation carriers are embracing BlackBerry® solutions that
help them drive profits, improve fuel efficiency, increase safety
and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Fleet Operator Adoption of BlackBerry Smartphones
White paper

Fleet Operator Adoption of BlackBerry Smartphones

C.J. Driscoll & Associates, a leading consulting and market research firm focused on GPS and wireless products and services, has conducted a series of interviews of fleet operators whose drivers use BlackBerry® smartphones for voice and data communications while on the road.

TruckIT Report
White paper

TruckIT Report

Get an in-depth perspective on the use of IT and technology within the trucking industry. The report provides a summary of the opinions and industry insights of over 150 executives working within the trucking industry from companies including: Landstar, Pitt Ohio, UPS, YRC, Werner, Estes, Halliburton, FedEx and AmeriGas.


Apps and options for supply chain

Improve dispatcher productivity, enhance customer service and shorten delivery times with apps for the supply chain industry.

Barcode scanning and signature capture

Dispatch and tracking

Hours of service and engine diagnostics

The most notable difference from last year's report was the increased use of BlackBerry phones (38% this year compared to 15% in 2009).
— TruckIT report1
  1. 1

    2010 survey of 400 companies in the transportation industry


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